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28 Oct 2014 09:48:30

By Nature I am not the most gregarious person, so for me to undertake writing a blog is a new challenge but one that I am looking forward to as I can take the opportunity to share my experiences and passions with all who are likeminded.

One thing I am always able to talk about is my dogs.  After a recent photoshoot for the new Dandy Dog Website, a friend of mine commented that it is the most relaxed photographs of me he has ever seen.  I usually look like a rabbit caught in the car headlights, awkward and uncomfortable but in my doggy world I am happy, relaxed and at home.


Dandy Dog Company

Dandy Dog Company 

I really do feel blessed to be the owner of my two beautiful dogs and I think that people who do not find that special connection with an animal really do miss out on something magical in life.  They give me unconditional love and companionship and I am lucky to have them, I always feel that I am the winner in our group.

Let me quickly introduce you to my dogs.  Ben and Meg.




Ben is an 11 year old Black Labrador x Border Collie who spends most of his life snoozing on his huge duck feather bed in our snug.  He is a typical lab and is solely motivated by food and comfort.  I joke that I want to be Ben in my next life as he somehow manages to train everyone he meets to do his bidding.  A friend of mine even brings a slice of ham for him with her everytime she visits.

Meg is a 7 year old chocolate brown Labrador. She is a little crazy and likes to be the centre of attention and visitors often get a swipe of the paw if they forget to stroke her for long enough.  She loves cuddles and spends her day in my workroom with me, usually wrapped around my feet.

They are my inspiration for my business and their needs and requirements constantly give me new ideas.  They are my Muse!

I would love to hear about your dogs and how they enhance your lives, please do leave comments.

Well that’s my first blog post and I look forward to sharing lots more with you so watch this space!

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