Intoducing Henry

1 Nov 2018 19:08:42

For those of you that follow us on our social media feeds, namely Facebook and Instagram, you will have already met our newest addition.

Following the loss of our beloved Ben last June who left a massive furry black hole in our lives.  We filled it with our crazy whirlwind that is Henry the black labrador puppy.

His little cheeky presence has helped us to heal and find our happy place again.  Henry has personality and then some, affectionate, sweet natured, stubborn as a mule and occassionally deaf, especially when he sees another dog.

He has formed a lovely bond with big sister Meg and he has best friend George the fox red labrador to get up to mischief with. A friend commented recently that Henry is the brains of any operation, leading his furry friends into naughty antics!

We will be sharing his progress on here over the coming months.

Henry black labrador

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