Healthy Dog Treats

7 Nov 2018 17:14:43

When Wednesday is nearly over my thoughts always turn towards the weekend. All efforts are put into finishing all work in time to spend quality time with Mr DD and our dogs. Of course this doesnt always work to plan but we try to get some time together.

It usually involves a  Special Walk with the dogs ending up at a pub for lunch or maybe a walk into town for a cooked breakfast and a posh coffee,  You see a food theme here?!

Well not to leave the dogs out, this weekend I intend to make some delicious healthy treats for them. Henry's training is all treat based and we are keen to keep his diet healthy.

Last year we bought a dehydrator and this has proved invaluable for treat making. It is so easy to use and the dogs love all the tasty treats.  You can pretty much dehydrate all vegetables, Fruits and even meats. Meats should be poached first to avoid any nasties occuring, but Liver, Chicken and even sausage have proved successful in this household.

This weekend I intend to make Sweet Potato and Banana slices.

It is so easy, just peel and thinly slice lengthwise.  Brush the banana with lemon juice to stop that horrible grey colour occuring.  Simply place on the trays of your dehydrator and set to manufacturers instructions.  I always find they take at least 8 hours but check regularly to see how they are doing. We like to leave them a little chewy but you can make them crunchy if you prefer.

Happy Treat Making!

Dog Treats

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