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13 Nov 2014 14:41:23

On a recent early morning walk on the beach with my husband and the dogs we spotted a seal following us along the shore line.  He kept popping to the surface and watching us, then he would dive under and emerge a few minutes later to see what we were up to.  He was so close we could see his whiskers glistening wet and sparkly.  it was one of those perfect moments, we were completely alone on the beach and the sea was calm and the sun was just coming up, I snapped some rather crude photos on my phone which I will share with you.


I found myself smiling for days after, every time I thought about that moment and it occured to me that it is the smallest things that make us happy and give us the most joy in life.  A good cup of coffee, a beautiful view, a big slice of homemade apple pie with ice cream, snuggling up with a really fantastic book or even just looking into the eyes of one of my dogs all give me a huge sense of wellbeing and happiness.         

dogs eyes            pie

swanage            fire

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