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13 Nov 2018 15:37:18

As a Small Business we try to be mindful of the things that we do and while we need to keep costs down to compete in the market place we also have a responsibility to try and cause as little environmental damage as we can. 

This year we have taken steps to make all our packaging recyclable and sourced from sustainable resources. Our boxes are recycled, we use corn starch packing chips, compostable bubble wrap, unbleached recycled paper packaging, paper mailing sacks and paper sticking tape. We have even found cotton twine that is woven in the UK to make our parcels look pretty.

Does this go far enough though? It is easy to blame others for excess waste and the problems with the worldwide environment and while governments certainly need to play a stronger role and lead the way on improving our plastic waste, we all must take personal responsibility too.

We all create far too much plastic waste and in our disposable society, we are all guilty of contributing to this problem. I am not preaching at all, and as a household we contribute as much as anyone does, but we are implimenting some small changes.

At Home we have changed to Bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds, reusuable face pads instead of face wipes and Bamboo coffee cups to take to coffee outlets to get filled instead of using the supplied cups and lids that are completely unrecyclable. It doesnt seem like very much but if everyone of us did it, surely it would make a small difference?

bamboo toothbrush

My next challenge is making Eco bricks (google it)Has anyone had a go?

please leave your comments, I would love to hear your tips on being plastic free.

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